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Intelligent Automation Solutions

LatentBridge is a global intelligent automation firm with a market-leading pay-as-you-go SaaS platform and proprietary automation accelerators that can optimize and scale your digital programs

Chart Your Automation Journey With

Navigo enables rapid process discovery and transformation planning that accelerates the build-out of your automation pipeline and meets enterprise automation goals

How Will Navigo Help?

Gather, Evaluate And Prioritise Automation Initiatives with Navigo

Chart your automation journey with Navigo:


Automation ideas in alignment with your organizational goals


Process suitability towards your objectives with an industry-specific survey


Across the entire firm with clarity and depth


Time-rated and complexity-analysed projects


The success factors with accurate cost and ROI predictions

Adopt And Scale Your Automation With AlbaiTM

Our market-leading SaaS platform integrates various automation technologies and is offered on pay-as-you-go to accelerate and scale digital initiatives across the enterprise

Why use AlbaiTM ?

Automation Cockpit

Enables efficient operations and control

Automation Telemetry

To visualize bots, processes, and business performance

Reduce TCO

With PAYG bot management

Easy Adoption

With existing automation tools


Secure, Scalable & Resilient

Netlink-LatentBridge Advantage

  • Process Assessments and Automation Planning
  • Channel Sales and Distribution
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • RPA Automation Services